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Friday, December 16, 2011



i love eva, please somebody thats already about 2 drinks two deep go ahead and cancel in the 10am class tomorrow so i can sign up!

Jim D.

Bill, first of all anybody that loves the WOD Eva needs to re-evaluate the word love. This is this the most mentally intense WOD that I've ever done. Every time I've had an enconter with Eva I want to quit after the first round, I coax myself into completing round 3 by saying I can quit after 3 rounds. I then do the 4th round out of shame and finally finish round 5.

It's a brutal 45 minutes for us mere mortals. But, it's named after one hell of a competitior.


I like the longer ones and pullups and heavy kb swings are some of my fav movements although im not very good at either one. Plus I hate running so if im close to 1hr ill be happy.


Bill, you can come at 9am. Put yourself on the wait list

Tobias Coffin

Cherie, did you get my message I left on your phone?
i did Eva on Thursday (39:14 @ 24kg) and got 5 wonderful new blisters. What was that horrible liquid you poured on my hands that burned like no other?



Rubbing alcohol.


I had the pleasure of doing Eva for the first time this week and I would highly recommend some sort of hand care and preventative measures.

I wore hand straps and still tore, so maybe tape gloves and straps might do the trick. Grippy WOD and perfect for a weekend workout. Have fun gang - scale more than you think you need to.

Jim D.

I'm still a big fan of the dremel tool for callouses. PR on Eva today and hands totally intact. Almost got to my goal of breaking 40 minutes. Eva didn't get into my head the way she usually does. Maybe it was because I was so busy chasing Slaughter, Mark, Clancy and Beth on the runs that I didn't have a chance to think about it. Or it was just great instructuion from Joylyn and Courtney.

Tobias, I really have good luck with putting salt on the blisters for a few minutes every couple of hours. It's also a lot more fun if you let people watch you do it. Very painful though.


Never heard of the salt? Does it suck the moisture out of the blister? I dont have a hand shaver or anything, but a small pocket knife that i just cut off like half a dime size of the callous at a time. Fast and works well


Jim, thanks, I'll have to try that some time. I should have shaved my callouses before taping up; they probably would have ripped anyway.

Bill, knives are fun :) I'm always cutting open my callouses with them.

And, I poured on hydrogen peroxide. Hopefully it did the same thing... hurt just as much.

Thanks Ververs! You guys are, as always, awesome and helpful.


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