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Wednesday, December 21, 2011



Great post! Can't wait to apply these strategies when I'm working out! I hope you all have a wonderful and happy holiday with friends and family! Looking forward to getting after it again next week! Merry Christmas! LET IT SNOW!!!


Great post, and awesome picture of an awesome couple! In fact Bo(lars) himself pushed me mentally this evening. I love being a part of such a great group of athletes!


Did this workout when it was on the mainsite, underestimated it a little and had to drop too much weight 7-10rd. Saw rob orlando beast out 345lbs though!


Bo and Bess - love you two!

After reading this post from Josh, I've applied these techniques in every workout I've done and it works! There's a reason he finished 2nd in the CFG.

Trina R

I think the secret to a improving bench press has to be handstands. 20 lb two-rep PR over my prior one rep PR.


Agreed, after I got handstands all my presses went up, they build lockout strength.

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